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Top 5 Takeaways Of The Growth Marketing Forum 2018

Top 5 takeaways of the Growth Marketing Forum 2018

Missed Growth Marketing Forum 2018? Here is an overview of 5 takeaways and the first images of the Growth Marketing Forum 2018. After months of preparation, the event has flown by! Several interesting national and international keynotes and hands- on workshops all about growth marketing made this event successful. Thanks to the beautiful venue Lamot, we had a beautiful view over the city of Mechelen. Curious about Growth Marketing Forum 2018? We listed a number of takeaways:


The top 5 takeaways

  1. If you want to let people buy your product online, you need to consider those buyers like your date. Learn to get to know him/her before you’re asking him/her to marry. (Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics)
  2. Don’t build a minimal viable product, build a minimal lovable product. (Tom Devos, Founder of Intago)
  3. Successful brands understand they don’t just target consumer needs, but emotional needs and wants.(Alina Iordache, Corporate speaker of SEMrush)
  4. Thought leaders strive for new ideas, leaders strive for ideas that work. (Clo Willaerts, Digital Marketer at Bnox)
  5. Growth Marketing offers loads of possibilities. Prioritizing is the most important thing to start with. (Thomas Paris, Technical Marketerat MAD Kings)


This is what our visitors said about #GMF18:

Dagje inspiratie bij #GMF18 in @StadMechelen met o.a. @kvanimpe @DevosTom @omohout @grohe @Geerlinde @thomarow @xavven & @JonasVerhaegh @kurtvergult @neilpatel
— Jan Lannoo (@JanLannoo) March 30,2018.


GDPR explained! #gmf18
— Artur ‘T Kindt (@a_tkindt) March 30,2018.


Today we’re at the Growth Marketing Forum 2018! #GMF18 Looking forward to a nice day of growth marketing!
— Netmedia Europe 30 (@Netmedia_be) March 30, 2018.


Two slides to sum up scalability : high retention (turtle) rate beats high growth rate (rabbit). If you have both then you are a unicorn. Awesome slide! @omohout #GMF18
— Thorsten Strauss (@howtomkt) March 30,2018.


#GMF18 was really cool with super interesting people Thx @thomarow @JonasVerhaegh @xavven @Baudouinol @howtomkt @ruttens koen van lysebetten and of course @neilpatel
— Jonathan Wuurman (@jonwuu) March 31, 2018. 

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